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"Downward Mechanic" EP - Out: 2023


In the glint of your eyes, I behold a mirror…
I know I owe you my best and my worst
I know how you can greatly guide me
I know how you can woefully blind me

With those clothes of great sham
Comes the vision of your best presence
A perfection betrayed by your imperfection
That’s why you are so beautiful…

Beyond the mere appearances
We are one and so are you with that shadow behind
Toxic passengers of an elapsed existence
All at once in one mind, one soul, one man.

This is a land of constant motion
The sea gives, and the sea reclaims
What a better place to let you go
And escape the undertow of life.

Uq wko jnuqw yh eyat oeov, U dokyng i puttyt
U mqyz U yzo eya pe dovw iqg pe zytvw
U mqyz kyz eya fiq jtoiwne jaugo po
U mqyz kyz eya fiq zyohanne dnuqg po

Zuwk wkyvo fnywkov yh jtoiw vkip
Fypov wko xuvuyq yh eyat dovw rtovoqfo
I rothofwuyq dowtieog de eyat uprothofwuyq
Wkiw’v zke eya ito vy doiawuhan…

Doeyqg wko poto irroitiqfov
Zo ito yqo iqg vy ito eya zuwk wkiw vkigyz dokuqg
Wybuf rivvoqjotv yh iq onirvog obuvwoqfo
Inn iw yqfo uq yqo puqg, yqo vyan, yqo piq.

Wkuv uv i niqg yh fyqvwiqw pywuyq
Wko voi juxov, iqg wko voi tofniupv
Zkiw i dowwot rnifo wy now eya jy
iqg ovfiro wko aqgotwyz yh nuho.

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